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Insurers Remain Cautious About Marijuana Insurance Market

The marijuana industry is an opportunity for insurers as more states have legalized the drug. But there are still risks in play that could limit wider carrier participation, A.M. Best said in a new report. One of the key barriers … Continue reading

Milk Contamination Court Case Leads to $1.2 Million Insurance Reward

An M&T Transport truck was tasked with delivering milk to Great Lakes Cheese of NY Inc. During one delivery, however, the truck brought a load of milk contaminated with metal filings to its customer. Great Lakes Cheese informed M&T, and … Continue reading

Largest automotive recall in U.S. history- The ripple effects

Due to the largest automotive recalls in U.S. history, Takata Corp. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States, and bankruptcy protection in Japan in 2017.1 And in 2018, Shigehisa Takada, former chairman and chief executive officer of Takata, … Continue reading

Rocky Half-Year for London Market Brings Some Clarity to Reinsurance Trends

The first-half experiences of the London market’s top insurers with catastrophe losses may shed some light on the direction of global reinsurance in the six months ahead, as these groups can see trends from the perspectives of both buyer and … Continue reading

Higher Rates for P/C Insurance

Best Sees ‘Growing Pressure’ for Higher P/C Insurance Rates May 17, 2011 There is “growing pressure” to support increased rates in property/casualty insurance and reinsurance markets, rating agency A.M. Best has concluded in its most recent market analysis. As a … Continue reading

Analysts Say Markets Primed For Increases

April 7, 2011 By Mark E. Ruquet, NU Online News Service, April 7, 2:11 p.m. EDT Analysts say a combination of factors is conspiring to make rate increases for both commercial and personal lines inevitable, possibly by the beginning … Continue reading

Soft Market Is Ending, Really It Is, Says SNL Financial

By Andrew G. Simpson | March 10, 2011 Could the soft market finally be over? A new analysis concludes that insurance prices are rising and the prolonged soft market is ending, contrary to earlier reports from other analysts. Virginia-based SNL … Continue reading

Lloyd’s Warns of Increases in Fraudulent Claims

Fraud is a fact of life for the insurance industry – part of the game so to speak. While some claims, as Lloyd’s notes in an article on its web site, may cause people to smile, the amount of money … Continue reading

Building Agent Value in the Digital Age

Two current cultural shifts fueled by technology are, for many independent agents, a cause for concern: the democratization of data and the rise of virtual relationships. Today consumers have access anywhere, anytime to information once available exclusively from industry experts, … Continue reading

How much do you know about Product Recall Insurance?

Product Recall insurance provides protection for you in the event you must recall any of your products. Coverage can include product recall expenses and liability to third parties seeking damages because your product recall could cause a loss of income … Continue reading